Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Do you need a bawtenda?'

I have been living the life let me tell ya. Actually I have tried to stay off the computer and get some stuff down around the house, working on stealth Christmas projects canning 30 lbs of peaches and 40 lbs of pears and yes that is as much fun as you are imagining. But seriously, life has been good. We went to Baltimore to watch a Red Sox game and I think all of Boston was there. So, because posting pics on blogger is so much fun and so easy - I'll spend the next 2 hours sharing my photos of Baltimore & Annapolis with you. And I apologize for the formatting - blogger does tend to suck with formatting ...

This is left over crab cake(s) from our first dinner at the most amazing crab cake restaurant ever - Timbuktu - if you ever ever ever have to fly into BWI - this place is a cab ride away and worth the trip. We met an old friend for dinner & had a great time. You'll notice there is no breading in this cake - all crab meat, baby.

Our first breakfast in town involved more crab - my personal goal was to eat crab something at every meal. Breakfast did not disappoint at Miss Shirley's - another must and walking distance to all things downtown. My choice for breakfast both days we ate there was the Crab & Fried Green Tomatoes Benedict - need I say more?
The only bad thing I can say about this breakfast is, since I ate every last bite I didn't need to eat the rest of the day.

Hubby had the Smoked Salmon Benedict and of course we had mimosas - it was Friday morning but we were on vaca! We walked around the Inner Harbor - did some tourist stuff, had a few beers at the ESPN Zone ( it was the only outside seating bar open where you didn't have to eat something) and then around 6:00pm wandered over to Camden Yards Park. We walked everywhere since it was all pretty close and we had the big ol' breakfast.

The area we hung out at before the game- a sports bar called Pickles Pub was really like Cask n' Flagon South. It was packed, and I mean packed with Sox Nation. I was waiting at the bar to order a couple for beers and one of the patrons (pictured below), who I thought was a local, until he asked me "Do you need a bawtenda?" and when I answered affirmatively he and his buddy started yelling at the poor, unfortunately named bartender Amber. "Amba! Amba! Amba! We need a beer!" But she was good natured about all of it and took good care of us and that is me getting my beer. It was a little crazy out side so we stayed inside Pickles until game time then walked across the street to the game. We had club seats on the third base line - cheaper than most seats at Fenway. Clay Bucholtz was pitching & the Sox won. It was great fun!