Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rally the Team!

So.. The National Women's Law Center has set the challenge for bloggers to write about how participating in sports has shaped their lives. Where do I start? I played basketball in high school - actually sat the bench most of the time but I had good fun with my teammates & have remained friends with most of them for life. Not easy as we are all over the country now. I almost got cut from the team - which at 17 would have been horrible so I worked my ass off - I shot free throws- up to 500 a day, ran, shot around, ran and impressed my coaches enough to stay on the team. So I learned hard work & humility.

Today I run - well jog. I enjoy it for the most part and have made great friends, experienced wonderful life transforming times on simple runs and enjoyed the spirit of many races. I have completed 4 marathons & 5 half marathons. I continue to learn that hard work pays off.

I'm happy my nieces get the opportunity to play basketball, soft ball, soccer and volleyball. It is helping shape them into beautiful women both inside & out.

So what did sports do for me? Help make me the person I am today.