Monday, August 31, 2009

It has been a crzay couple of weeks...

We have been busy for the last couple of weeks and my "face time" with the computer has been way down. But as I wait for Hubby to drop off my keys (I left them in his car so he is driving home from work right now...just for drop off the keys) I figured I'd write a line or two.

We went to one of the last shows at Club Helsinki in Great Barrington, MA. The show was great and this is one of our favorite clubs to go to so a bummer they are closing. The YouTube link is from the show we went to. We got home at 3:00am and it took us almost all week to recover!

We went and picked over 30 lbs of peaches. The only thing more fun than picking them is peeling them & trying to figure out what the hell to do with them. We made peach jam, peach chutney, brandied peaches and then froze the rest because we got tired of dealing with all the canning stuff. Now Hubby wants to go pick pears....... and apples aren't far behind....

Yesterday we met Mr & Mrs. Training Buddy & Princess at The Place for a good ol' fashioned clam/lobster bake. It was good, a little touristy and sort of pricey but we enjoyed ourselves. Until poor Princess fell off a stump ( no chairs here - just tree stumps) and bit her lip. Hope you are feeling Ok today, Princess!

Here comes Hubby - better get off to work myself!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

He's home!!!

Nelson is home! We found him in our neighbor's shop/garage. Our other cat Casey spent three nights in the same shed about 4 years ago so we thought (really hoped) he might be there. We had been checking with our neighbors but last night peaked in the window and noticed all the food we had set out for him in the garage was gone. So either mice ate it or a cat did. We had to wait for Mr. Neighbor to get home as he had the key to the shed and we couldn't see too much peaking in the window, other than the food was gone so we were hopeful. When we got in the shed I started calling him and after about 5 minutes he meowed back. He was stuck in a cabinet - this garage shed is huge. We got him out & he clawed into my shoulder like he was never letting go.

I know he is just a cat but since we don't have kids, our cats are like kids to us. I haven't eaten or slept much for the last three days. I have lost 5 lbs but feel like it's taken a few years off my life. It sure felt good last night to fall asleep with our two cats snuggled up against us on the bed. is indeed good.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Top Ten Traits in a Romantic Interest

1. Fun to be with

2. Likes to play games

3. Also knows how to chill

4. Good snuggler

5. Keeps me warm when it's cold out

6. Welcomes me home from work

7. Hot feet

8. Man of few words

9. Cute butt

10. Likes to kiss my nose

(With apologies to Hubby)
Nelson come are breaking my heart.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fill - In and It's Cocktail Time!

Quick - I have to get to work!

1. Dusk is my favorite summer time part of the day.

2 My favorite John Hughes movie is Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

3. Lamb's ear plant is something I love to touch , I can't pass one by without touching it - weird I know!

4. The full moon is always welcome, it gives me energy and charges my crystals!

5. I'm enjoying my cup of coffee right now.

6. When daylight fades I love watching all the bats come out!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner in a new restaurant tomorrow my plans include going to the New England Quilt Museum Quilt Show in Lowell Mass. and Sunday, I want to sleep in and hang out with my tick buses!

Quick cocktail - a Cucumber Martini with this new, organic very nummy liquor. Go check out this review web site - they have lots of other flavors I'd like to try as well. We saw the product in Imbibe magazine and my friends at the local packy happily order it for me - it's good stuff!

Refreshing Cucumber Martini

1 oz Thatcher's Cucumber Liquor

2 oz your favorite vodka

Pour all ingredients in a martini shaker - shake gently & pour into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a thin slice of cucumber and enjoy!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am the Tick Bus stop

Above is a loverly picture of a tick bite - sort of looks like the one I have. I feel great but just knew this type of bite wasn't normal. So now - a month of antibiotics - yuk. But it could be worse & hopefully I got it early enough to avoid all the other symptoms of Lyme. But I'm luckier than a lot of people, I have health insurance, a job to help pay my out of pocket deductibles and I caught it early.

We have a cat that loves to go in and out and even if we dowse him in tick meds, he still has them, he is a tick magnet. My doc said cats and dogs are just tick buses and people are the bus stop for the ticks. I suppose it was a matter of time.

Lesson learned? If you get a bite, watch it and if it doesn't go away in a couple of days - go see your doc! Now, off to the pharmacy to get my drugs!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where have I been?? What have I been doing??

I can't really answer that because I have been doing the same old same old. I think I am fully recovered form the most wonderful fun visit from Ms. Lillie B and Nico's Mom. We had a great time - ate pretty good except for the KFC - God that was good and worth waiting in the parking lot for 30 minutes for the place to open!), drank too much (!!) and stayed up way too late. In other words, had a great time! We told old stories and created new funny memories, just like great friends do! And we all survived renting mopeds on Block Island. Thanks guys for coming up and thanks to the Training Buddy clan for our post BI happy hour - also good fun!

I'm surprised at how sad I am about Big Papi and his positive drug screen. I am a big Red Sox fan and although not naive enough to believe that some of the Sox must have been juicing, I held on to the myth that Big Papi was above all that. I think I am more disappointed because I just finished reading Heart of the Game by S.L. Price - it will break your heart but it a fabulous look at the life (and in this case death) of a minor league baseball player.

On to a happier topic - It's Cocktail Time! We discovered a very good, but dangerous flavored vodka and if you don't believe me, go here to read how great this stuff is. I like sweet tea but only form down south, like South Carolin which is where this stuff is made. We made a very adult Arnold Palmer - you can go check out other recipes here.

Very Adult Arnold Palmer

2 oz. Sweet Tea vodka

Paul Newman's pink lemonade

fresh mint for garnish

Pour vodka into ice filled Collins glass - top with lemonade and mint on top. Gently stir and enjoy!