Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ten On Tuesday - Wednesday Edition

Ten Things That I Think are Cool - well it seems I might be a little out of step with popular culture but these are things that i definitely think are very cool - in no particular order....

1. My friends - I have the coolest, greatest friends ever. And that means all of you!

2. My cats - even Dillon who is in kitty heaven had an air of cool about him.

3. Hubby having a martini on ice waiting for me when I get home from work on a Friday night - so 50's cool.

4. Hand knit socks - nerdy but so fun. I am really almost done with my first pair - over 6 years in the making!

5. The first snow fall.

6. Hot spiced cider in the fall.

7. Christmas Eve - love it.

8. Traveling out of town to watch the Red Sox play - more on that later!

9. The library - again nerdy but man you can check out so many books for free!

10. Cooking a great meal - making good food is very cool!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Gotta A Feeling.....I'm getting old

Until this morning, when I was watching my TiVo'd Oprah episodes I had not heard of this song. Now I have heard of the Black Eyed Peas - I'm not that old. But this clip (excuse the ad at the end but this clip had the best resolution) is so cool - really you have to watch it... and I gotta a feeling I am going to go buy this CD..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Haddam Neck Fair and heads in freezers..

I was only going to post photos from our trip last night to the Haddam Neck Fair but then read one of my favorites blogs Bye Bye Pie and June posted about this great google image.. go here to Google Image 241543903 and then tell me if you understand what it's all about....

Growing up , we always enjoyed to Montana's Biggest Weekend and always went to the rodeo at least one day. The fairs in New England have their similarities: animals - check - carnivals - check - fair food - check but alas no rodeo. We now go to the fair to watch a tractor/truck or animal pull. It sort of feels like these things should only take place in the Deep South but there we were, last night watching the truck pull. A good time was had by all, The Training Buddy Family & Hubby & I. Here are some more photos...

Had to add the sheep since Training Buddy, Princess & I had visited the CT Yarn and Wool Company and helped them with their inventory problem by buying some great sock yarn.

The very horny, well endowed goats - photos posted at the request of Mr. Training Buddy and to the delite of Miss Nose Dive - a long story for another post...

The trucks hooked up to the trailer and then pulled it.. weights were added and whoever didn't blow out their engine and could still pull the trailer won. We did see a guy blow up - lots of sparks and black smoke but he was Ok - they had to tow the truck.
And Princess on her pony ride!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Peace & Quiet...

Hubby is out sailing with Mr. Training Buddy and me and the cats have the whole place to ourselves - YEA! I think I have wasted enough of this gorgeous day on line so this will be a short post - another random vaca shot so I can go sit on the deck with a cup of joe and chill...

This is a shot inside Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aries. You can go check out this web site & learn all about the place - very spiritual stuff going on inside and not all the spirits were happy ones...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ten On Tuesday - Wednesday Edition

10 Things you Hate About Traveling

This is sort of easy - without sounding whinney because I'm lucky enough to go on vacation every once in awhile.... in no particular order.

1. Leaving the cats at home - always makes me feel guilty even though we have a really good sitter.

2. Packing - I always save it until the last minute.

3. Waiting in airports - when I did a lot of business travel this seemed like such a waste of time.

4. Staying in crappy hotels that you thought weren't going to be crappy.

5. Getting stuck in a smoking room at the hotel.

6. Feeling vulnerable over seas because you are an American.

7. Getting sick over seas - oh that is a bad one especially in a Third World country when you really need a doctor. An incident in India comes to mind.....

8. Fighting with Hubby because we are both tired & stressed - this is supposed to be a vacation, right??

9. Thinking that you lost your passport - a whole other post.....

10. Being ready to come home and you still have a week on the road.

I won't blame security delay on any misery as I would rather get to where ever I am going safe. These are random vaca shots from Ushuia, Argentinia and our trip to South America...