Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I have been pretty busy with not much but haven't made time to blog about my busyness. Any how - we spent the day in Boston yesterday & were having so much fun we decided to spend the night instead of driving home after so much fun. And since we didn't plan on spending the night we called Mr. Training Buddy who helped us book a hotel on-line. Thanks Mr. Training Buddy!! We stayed at the Omni Parker House - great downtown location. And our Trip was a reminder of just how awesome Boston is - we won't wait so long to go back. So - here are some photos of our day...

They had flags planted in the Boston Common to honor all fallen mass. vets - it was breathtaking - I don't think my photos do it justice - you can go read more about the project here.

We made our way to Fenway to watch the Sox - we had awesome seats & enjoyed a great game - the Sox beat the Royals 8-1 & Jon Lester pitched great! Look close at the guy wearing Boston hat - a gynormous dragon fly landed on the bill during the game - I hope he bought a lottery ticket on his way home!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What would you do??

I was cruising around on one of my fav blogs and Shana, over at So Not Zen posed this question - what would you do if you knew you could not fail? That is sort of tough - I suppose my first answer is open a small business in town that would be a gathering spot of sort to come & hang out, buy cool, locally made jewelry & new agey type stuff. Nice stuff, not just old, junkie, hippie stuff. The other thing would be to become a classically trained chef. Like go to France and the whole thing....But since I flunked French in college not once, not twice but three times I don't think the whole going to France thing is gonna work out for me. I do like to cook and enjoy making fun meals for my friends. Plus I have a wicked cook book collection but still it would be nice to be able to really cook. So.... what would you do? And Shana - you can so run a marathon - really.....
Comments please!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

You Have No Friends

Hubby & I are just getting caught up on a bunch of TiVo'd shows. And last night's episode of South Park did not disappoint. I am not a total FB addict but see how easy it is to get there. You won't be able to stream the whole episode for another week but here is a good clip from YouTube.