Sunday, April 11, 2010


In which I am a party of one....

I had big plans for today. And for the most part got everything accomplished I set out to do at 7:30 this morning. First on my list was wedding present shopping & since the bride reads my blog that is all the detail I'll go into - except - Kathy I think you & Liam will like it! Then it was off to the mall (YUCK!!) to replace my 5 year old make-up since I have said wedding to go to and then off to VS for a special undergarment to go with a dress I bought for above mentioned wedding. Then, for me, the main event was going to be attending the UConn Huskies victory parade in downtown Hartford. So after surviving the mall, with a venti iced, quad double pump vanilla latte in hand - I was off to downtown Hartford. I had my parking spot scoped out - across from the Bushnell - it's free! And also too, figured I'd grab a bite to eat from one of the I was assuming numerous lunch wagons. So imagine my surprise, when I pulled off Capitol Ave. onto Bushnell Park to find it usual Sunday in downtown Hartford looking. WTF - where were all the Huskie fans??? I mean, CT can be totally lame when it comes to supporting anything downtown Hartford because peeps get freaked out about crime in the city..But really, it's a national championship people!!! Where are you???? I found a prime free parking spot 1/2 block off Bushnell Park and began my walk about of downtown. Nothing, NOTHING was open. This was as bad as downtown Albany NY & trust me I know. So I wandered around looking for any signs of life - finally - I stumbled on Vaughn's Irish Pub. And if they didn't ignore me the whole f*cking time I was in there I'd link to their (I'm sure) amazing web site. But you know what? The damn bartender TOTALLY ignored me. Like he was too busy talking to the people to the left of me, then to the right of me, then pouring a tap beer RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. He didn't say, "hello", he didn't say "I'll be right with you" - he TOTALLY.IGNORED.ME. I got some 'tude going, because, have you looked outside?? There is now one else around!!! Finally I got the attention of lame boy and asked him - "Is the Huskie parade today?" And I was actually expecting him to know something about the event since I assumed he might make some good money if it was going on and he actually knew it. Well - I gave the boy way too much credit as his reply was, and I quote " Um, I have no idea." Alright then. Time for me to go - no money spent in Vaughn's - you people need to pull it together to get my cash. So I called Hubby who was only minimally more helpful since he had been riding around on a tractor or using a chain saw all day and had no idea about the parade either. I came home , went on line & found out the parade is next Sunday. And I'm glad because the turn out today for a parade really sucked but next week I have other plans so I won't be there. But.. I'll send pics from the Hartford Courant to my niece who is a big time Stanford fan and wasn't too happy about UConn going 78 - 0. Sorry Maddy - UConn still rocks!!