Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ten On Tuesday - Wednesday Edition

10 Things you Hate About Traveling

This is sort of easy - without sounding whinney because I'm lucky enough to go on vacation every once in awhile.... in no particular order.

1. Leaving the cats at home - always makes me feel guilty even though we have a really good sitter.

2. Packing - I always save it until the last minute.

3. Waiting in airports - when I did a lot of business travel this seemed like such a waste of time.

4. Staying in crappy hotels that you thought weren't going to be crappy.

5. Getting stuck in a smoking room at the hotel.

6. Feeling vulnerable over seas because you are an American.

7. Getting sick over seas - oh that is a bad one especially in a Third World country when you really need a doctor. An incident in India comes to mind.....

8. Fighting with Hubby because we are both tired & stressed - this is supposed to be a vacation, right??

9. Thinking that you lost your passport - a whole other post.....

10. Being ready to come home and you still have a week on the road.

I won't blame security delay on any misery as I would rather get to where ever I am going safe. These are random vaca shots from Ushuia, Argentinia and our trip to South America...

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