Thursday, August 20, 2009

He's home!!!

Nelson is home! We found him in our neighbor's shop/garage. Our other cat Casey spent three nights in the same shed about 4 years ago so we thought (really hoped) he might be there. We had been checking with our neighbors but last night peaked in the window and noticed all the food we had set out for him in the garage was gone. So either mice ate it or a cat did. We had to wait for Mr. Neighbor to get home as he had the key to the shed and we couldn't see too much peaking in the window, other than the food was gone so we were hopeful. When we got in the shed I started calling him and after about 5 minutes he meowed back. He was stuck in a cabinet - this garage shed is huge. We got him out & he clawed into my shoulder like he was never letting go.

I know he is just a cat but since we don't have kids, our cats are like kids to us. I haven't eaten or slept much for the last three days. I have lost 5 lbs but feel like it's taken a few years off my life. It sure felt good last night to fall asleep with our two cats snuggled up against us on the bed. is indeed good.


Shana said...

Poor guy. He was probably thrilled to see you!

Chris said...

There is no "just a cat"!!! :) I am SO, SO glad that you found him and that he is ok!

Anonymous said...

Well, you must be relieved. I live nearby and when Mr. Kitty stays out all night, I worry about Mr. Coyote and Mr. Fischer Cat.