Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where have I been?? What have I been doing??

I can't really answer that because I have been doing the same old same old. I think I am fully recovered form the most wonderful fun visit from Ms. Lillie B and Nico's Mom. We had a great time - ate pretty good except for the KFC - God that was good and worth waiting in the parking lot for 30 minutes for the place to open!), drank too much (!!) and stayed up way too late. In other words, had a great time! We told old stories and created new funny memories, just like great friends do! And we all survived renting mopeds on Block Island. Thanks guys for coming up and thanks to the Training Buddy clan for our post BI happy hour - also good fun!

I'm surprised at how sad I am about Big Papi and his positive drug screen. I am a big Red Sox fan and although not naive enough to believe that some of the Sox must have been juicing, I held on to the myth that Big Papi was above all that. I think I am more disappointed because I just finished reading Heart of the Game by S.L. Price - it will break your heart but it a fabulous look at the life (and in this case death) of a minor league baseball player.

On to a happier topic - It's Cocktail Time! We discovered a very good, but dangerous flavored vodka and if you don't believe me, go here to read how great this stuff is. I like sweet tea but only form down south, like South Carolin which is where this stuff is made. We made a very adult Arnold Palmer - you can go check out other recipes here.

Very Adult Arnold Palmer

2 oz. Sweet Tea vodka

Paul Newman's pink lemonade

fresh mint for garnish

Pour vodka into ice filled Collins glass - top with lemonade and mint on top. Gently stir and enjoy!



Michelle said...

We have a container of pink lemonade in the fridge (Princess likes the stuff) and John spotted that vodka at the local packy....might try to make some of these later tonite.

HB said...

You will not be sorry - they are really good!

John said...

I just saw this and I thought that this would make a great addition to the Moodus mansion.

And yes, the adult Arnold Palmer is good.

HB said...

Thanks, John! Just what Hubby needs and aren't you guys the ones with the boat??