Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Orange!!

Since I got my iPhone I have been also using the Nike+sensor to log my runs and this morning I moved out of the yellow zone (beginning zone - logging a total of 0-30 miles) to the orange zone - YEA!! And I got props from Lance Armstrong - his recorded voice told me that I logged my fastest mile to date - YEA again! Now I know that when you start out from 0 miles and really slow it can only get better but still....I feel pretty damn good today! Look out Philly Half Marathon - here I come!


Michelle said...

Can you share your Nike+ profile so I can friend you? You need to click on "View My Profile" (which you see by hovering over your picture icon in the lower left). Then select "Settings" and "Privacy." The default hides your profile so no one else will see it.

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