Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Been Awhile - So What's in Your Freezer?

Wow - July - that's how long it's been since I posted and one of my two faithful readers was asking my why the other day. To use my Mom's famous quote - I have no idea. So how should I catch you up on my life? The exciting trip I took to Glacier? The trials of half marathon training? The beauties of New England fall? No - I had a writer's block so I looked to one of my favorite blogs - Carole Knits for ideas. Her Ten on Tuesday topic seemed like a good place to start - Ten Things in Your Freezer. We have two freezers & both are packed - so much so that this week we are making all of our dinners we eat at home out of stuff in freezer. We also have one of those vacuum sealers so stuff stays pretty darn fresh for a pretty darn long time.

So here we go -

1. Gravy - or tomato sauce depending on who you are talking to. We bought 16 quarts of tomatoes this summer & cooked them down to the most awesome gravy. It will be a great reminder of summer this winter.
2. Chicken stock - gallons of it. I make my own because our little cat loves chicken - we buy her a rotisserie chicken every couple of weeks so use the carcass for our stock - give her a break she's 16!
3. Flavor Ice - I love them after I have had a long run or worked out in the garden.
4. Ham - left over from Easter but vacuum sealed so it's still good.
5. Strawberries - about 4 gallons that we picked this spring.
6. Peaches - from last year & about to become ice cream.
7. Grill roasted corn - we roasted three dozen ears of corn - cut the kernels off the ears & froze them. We will enjoy that taste of summer all through the winter.
8. Stuff to make stock - see number two. I have a bag that I put all the onions skins, vegetable cuttings, etc. to put in my stock. The taste of the stock varies on what vegetables I have been cooking with - it's never the same twice but it's always good.
9. Edamame - love them - I have several bags of the beans in the shell - good for snacks or just beans which is good to throw in soups or stir fry.
10. Artichokes - I think I have 4-5 bags of Trader Joe's artichokes. I love them but think I need to use what I have before I buy more.

So - what's in your freezer??


Mini said...

I LOVE Flavor Ice... it's the perfect treat!

Barry said...

1/2 a hog; our share of one raised organically on a nearby ranch.

Chili Sauce; delicious on eggs, sandwiches, etc and only takes 6 hours to make.

Jennifer said...

Stewed tomatoes! I make them at the end of the summer and use them all winter long. Great over mashed potatoes or alone. Bill and the kids love them and they are super easy!

existential Transitions said...

We moved recently, and when I cleaned out the freezer there was a lone smoked turkey neck. Love the smoke.

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