Friday, December 18, 2009

Making Cookies, finishing quilts and FRED!

It has been a little bit busy here in my neck of the woods. All good! Sunday I had the joyful experience of making Christmas cookies with an almost 5 year old - seriously - we had a great time. Of course martinis and wine were involved for Training Buddy & I - all Princess (the almost 5 year old) needed was the frosting. We had great fun, created a great mess and really isn't that one of the best parts of Christmas?
I'm almost done with the quilt I have been making for my mother-in-law - it will be finished tonight and in the mail tomorrow. I think she's gonna love it.
And speaking of love- The Training Buddys' and Hubby & I went to see my all time favorite performer Fred Eaglesmith at a show this week in Willimantic. he was awesome as ever but out of about 200 people who were there- Training Buddy & i were the only ones up dancing. Sometimes these Yankees can be so restrained here in Connect the Dots. But hell, we had fun and even got to talk to Fred a little bit after the show. Go check out his web site - if he is going to be playing somewhere close to you - GO! he is an amazing song writer and performer.

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