Monday, February 9, 2009

Cliff Walk in Newport

Sunday was beautiful - so plans of doing housework vanished and we decided to go do something outside - we came up with going to Newport, RI to go for a walk on Cliff Walk. Now Hubby & I have been to Newport quite a few times since we moved to CT - it is a good time town & we have gone there and had , well a good time. So a couple of years ago when our friend Dolan suggested we meet there for lunch & go for a walk on Cliff Walk we were cool w/ the lunch part but had no idea what Cliff Walk was. Dolan could not believe, for as many times as we had been over there, that we knew nothing of Cliff walk. But see, Cliff Walk is on the edge of the island and we had never ventured past downtown (translation - the bars). Well, we met here at the beach and fell in love with Cliff Walk - it is very cool. I took lots of pics so you'll feel like you were right there with us...

We stopped and got direction on where to park at the Newport Visitor's Center - they had a map for sale for $3 but I left my purse in the car so no map. We parked on Narragansset Ave. and off we went. I told Hubby about the map & he scoffed - "What the hell do we need that for? I'll tell you what things are." So I will caption the photos with his quotes - you'll find he was really helpful.

"Looking back to where we parked"

We were about 5 minutes into the walk.

"Where we're going"

This view is south looking towards the ocean.

"A building - people lived here"

Ok - I checked out the web & this is "The Breakers", the people who lived here were the Vanderbilts.

"Don't take my picture"

Hubby going through the gate at The Breakers.

"You're going to run out of memory on your camera"

Looking back at the gate at The Breakers.

"I guess they keep geese off the lawn - why you asking me?"

Ummm because I don't have the $3 walk guide.

"I don't know what they are - I'm sitting down"

Hubby took a break while I took a photo of these concrete thingys on top of a fancy fence.

"Stop it !"

This part of the walk was very cool - the rocks are all pretty smooth but slick from the melting snow & ice.

"More buildings"

This is looking back where the rock path was.

"I guess the dogfox thing works"

Canadian geese floating around in the ocean vs. hanging out on the Vanderbilt's lawn.

"A pagoda - people don't live here"

I found out it was the Tea House that Mrs. Vanderbilt has built. You can't go check it out from the path.

"Watch out for spiders"

This is looking back from under the Pagoda.

"Gawd damnit, HB stop taking my picture!"

Hubby going up the stairs & out of the tunnel.

"I'm ready to go back"

This was the last shot I took because, well I ran out of memory. It is a nice shot and this was about 40 minutes from where we started. It was a beautiful day and don't you feel like you were there?


Carole Knits said...

Yes, I do. I love the Cliff Walk. The tunnel is my favorite part.

Shana said...

Wow, I wish your husband could be my tour guide on every trip I take. He's the best.

Julie in the Barn said...

Great tour, thanks so much. I've never been to RI but will be visiting on a road trip in July. I've put Cliff Walk on the to-do list. I'm thinking the $3 map may be a wise investment since Honey's tour guide skills are similar to your Hubby's.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Hubby's tour guide ability reminds me of Luigi, this guy who persuaded us to pay him 20 euro when we visited Pompeii. He promised he would squeeze every drop of goodness from the lemon of our time there. Sounded promising. His running commentary was mostly pointing at stuff and saying loudly "remember dis!" The comedy value of this was priceless. Educationally speaking, though....

I assume you HAVE gone to some of the mansions in your past visits to Newport, right? Or are you serious that you've only done the bars? Please say you've seen inside the Breakers, Rosecliff, etc. Truly America's palaces.

I came over to see you from Shana's - come see me sometime! :-)