Friday, February 6, 2009

got fred?

I can't believe I forgot to post about getting my Fred Eaglesmith tickets because , OMG he is the best singer/songwriter EVER! I became a FredHead listening to my local fav college (University of Hartford) radio station - WWUH. The song that totally got me hooked was this one - "Good Enough" off his CD of Drive In Movie. I love that CD - almost every song, although the least favorite of mine is what hooked Training Buddy - Wild Rose, off the same CD Drive In Movie. Toby Keith did a cover of Wild Rose & the record went gold so Fred got a gold record. Anyhow - the other song on this CD that is so so so so so sad & heart breaking is Drive In Movie & if that does not rip your heart out, you have no heart. I have seen Fred live around 8-9 times & his show is never the same but it is always awesome. The concert I'm going to this month is a fund raiser for a soup kitchen at the First Baptist Church in Willimantic, CT. And why did Fred pick this venue? Well I spoke to the Rev. for the church (also a FredHead) and he said all he did was call the promoter, ask how much Fred would charge for a show & when the good Rev. explained about his soup kitchen & the church & all Fred OFFERED to do a fund raiser. How cool is that? And his latest CD - which is also very good and old timey gospel stuff, Tinderbox has been nominated for a Juno - Canada's version of an Grammy Award. If I could vote - you know Fred would be getting mine. Anyhow - I heart me Fred Eaglesmith - if you can make a show - GO GO GO GO GO. If you can't, you can see a show here. Seriously - it is so worth it to watch his show. He writes smart, sad and sometimes happy songs and God can he entertain. He also paints & someday I will buy me one of his paintings, just to have. Anyhow - I know those of you who know me know I am not a church goer but Tinderbox is amazing - it is that good, hard core gospel stuff that moves you to the core. The only time I plan on going to church is to watch Fred - really - have I told you how much I heart this guy???

I am drinking a martini (lemondrop) as I write this and now that getting the links & pictures to match is getting a little challenging (no I am not running long tomarrow), I think I'll end this post. If anyone local is reading this - e-mail me & I'll give you the scoop on how to get the Fred tickets for the Willimantic show. And Training Buddy- we are all set. 4 tickets for the big show & maybe wings after at Bidwell?

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