Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten Favorite Songs of the 80's

Ten on Tuesday is sort of fun this week. I love music and although I cringe now when I look at some of my albums (yes I still have albums) I do remember the good times I had listening to some of this stuff. I'm expanding it to favorite groups instead of just songs - less of a brain drain with my second cup of coffee. At the risk of being late for work ( damn you You Tube!) I'll start my post!
In no particular order....

1. Journey - I still think Steve Parry had an amazing voice.
2. Cheap Trick - Live at Budakon - who doesn't love it?
3. The Cars - until they got big & famous - I really thought I was cutting edge here. Did I mention I grew up in Montana?
4. The Police - loved Message in the Bottle.
5. Styx - I fought hard for our junior prom theme to be The Best of Times but you know what, Lee Ann you were right - it should have been The Tide is High.
6. Ratt - I loved those big hair boys.
7. Bon Jovi - now too mainstream - Ok he was then too but I still thought I was cool when I liked him.
8. AC/DC - the Bon Scott version.
9. Def Leppard - again the early stuff.
10. REO Speedwagon - the Montana thing.

If I had more time - I could post a bazillion more. Enjoy the videos & trip down memory lane - so what are your favorites??

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