Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - Wednesday edition

I have been getting ready for company (can't wait Nico's Mom & Miss Lillie B!) and although they are not coming to visit until next week, Hubby & I have decided we need to do some painting inside. All well & good except I can't find the paint chips for color and have been on a week long Easter egg hunt. Sigh..... But it is not the end of the world and I have made many exciting discoveries along the way, link a pile of Christmas cards from 2007 - I was wondering where those went!

Ok - jumping away from that heart stopping topic and on to Ten Things that Turn you Off About People. Sort of a negative topic but I'll try to keep it light hearted..

1. Being late for meetings - annoying!

2. Hubby wearing shoes in the house - tracks in all sorts of mud and I have nagged him about it a bazillion times.

3. Lying - about anything, really just tell me the truth - I can take it.

4. Driving slow in the fast lane - I have places to go - get out of my way : - )

5. Being rude to wait staff - I used to waitress & bar tend - these people work hard!

6. Inattentive wait staff - don't stand there and BS with your co-workers when I am ready to order - I'm a good tipper!

7. A drunk person when I'm sober.

8. A sober person when I've been drinking.

9. Militant TSA staff at the airport - most are very nice.

10. People who are intolerant of others just because they are different.

Now - a random vacation shot since I will never get through all 200 and really, how long do you really want to hear about my vacation?

Valparaiso, Chile. This city was soooo cool! I definitely want to go back. I'll post more about it later as I must get to work.

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