Monday, March 23, 2009

Ten on Monday Night for Tuesday

This week I'm early - what can I say. No basketball is on tonight for one thing so I thought I'd get this written since the UCONN Women play tomorrow night. But I have to complain about something here - we UCONN fans are so spoiled- the local PBS station broadcasts all the games ( that the national network doesn't pick up) so we get to watch our Lady Huskies all the time. Except when they are on ESPN wrap - around tournament coverage like now. It is the weakest excuse for coverage that I have ever seen. The premise is they only show the "interesting games", not the ones where someone, say UCONN, is ahead by a bazillion points. So as a result I saw about 10 seconds of the UCONN game Sunday. And ESPN is so schizophrenic - they don't even show one whole game which drives me nuts. So I will watch whatever game ESPN sees fit to broadcast tomorrow & listen to the Huskies on the radio. But I DO know I will not have to watch Pat Summit and the Lady Vols - right Scaley??

Ok - per usual, in no particular order...The Top Ten Things I Like to Do On Vacation

1. Send postcards - I usually make a pretty big production of it, buy the postcards, go to a cafe or bar, have a couple drinks and write those bad boys out. They are fun to send and I would like to think the recipients like getting something in the mail.

2. Find the best local restaurant - you know the place that isn't in the guide books but the locals all go to. A local speciality is a bonus, as long as the food isn't some weird dish like haggis.

3. Go Go Go - I rarely have a whole relaxing vacation but enjoy seeing all I can.

4. Read some good books.

5. Go out to a cool bar late at least one night - easier to do back in my wild & wooly days but I still try to hang with the big dogs at least one night.

6. Buy something for myself that will remind me of the trip - doesn't have to be expensive.

7. Get some Christmas shopping done - I can usually find a couple cool things to buy for someone else.

8. Spend some time with the locals - hashing is a good way to do that.

9. Have one special night out for dinner - Hubby & I will splurge one night out, but I don't want to get too dressed up fancy.

10. Come home safely - the best way to end a great trip!


Shana said...

The top thing I like to do on vacation is GO ON A VACATION, which we never do. Woe is me.

HB said...

I hear ya - I had a couple years like that as well. However..I have never been to NO and you were just there so that's cool!