Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It has been quite the week!

Ok - I'm not complaining - it just seems I have been crazy busy & since I am NOT going to post from work and I live with a gym nazi who makes me get up at 5:30AM and we went hashing in New Haven last weekend and UCONN has had some killer games and it snowed about a foot so I had to drink port....I just have not had time to blog. But fear not - all is well. Last week we went & saw my fav Fred Eaglesmith in concert at the First Baptist Church in Willimantic. That was a change form the usual bar we see him in or at least at a festival where we have a drink or two during the show. This was a fundraiser for a local meals program and it was GREAT!! But I have a whole post about Fred here. I took a photo but it's not very good - but you get the idea..Ok - now that I have uploaded it I see it's really dark. But it is not the last of the crappy photos from this post ..so read on or I should say on on...

We went to the 2nd Annual New Haven Haz Mat Hash on Saturday. It was good fun - we got to see a few old hash friends and meet some new ones including this guy - Hi - I'm Gay! in his hazmet suit and everything...

I was the designated driver so I did not have as much fun as Hubby but we still had a good time and I even managed to get talked into setting a run in the near future. So what is the New Haven Hash you ask?? It is such a long story & has been very well covered here so it is best to go read it for yourself. They are a fun group of people and I have been hashing for 16 years - it's nice to get back in the groove.....

Ok - to wrap things up, the Ten on Tuesday is Ten Ways I Can Make My Life better - I am loving my life right now but I will give it a shot - in no particular order....
1.Stop checking out a million library books at a time - too stressful to get them all read!
2. Finish Training Buddy's Christmas gift - really, like before next Christmas!
3. Keep running - it has been hard to get in this sort of good shape.
4. Donate some time to a charity because giving back is a win win for everyone. I should be done with my hospice volunteer training by the end of April.
5. Keep up my reiki practice - it's easy and I feel great afterwards.
6. Find time to meditate - easier to do when I worked from home but my days are overall so much better when I do it.
7. Be more patient with Hubby - but the man can drive me nuts!
8. Be more patient with me & appreciate the moment - sort of obvious I guess.
9. Get ready for baseball season - Go Sox! But enjoy UCONN basketball now
10. Get to bed now - 5:30AM will be here sooner than I think!


Shana said...

That is a great list.

I need to go read what hashing is now. Bye!

HB said...

Hashing is a good, fun thing! The whole reason I started running, actually but I had the beer drinking thing down way before ... I'll find your local kennel & send info.