Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ten on Thursday

I know it is supposed to be Ten on Tuesday but I had the fear of God - actually of the unemployment God put in me today at work. Turns out some jackasses have been on the Internet at work for "inappropriate things" and now the whole company is on Internet lock down. I have been weaning myself & trying not to post from work but still jump on Yahoo & Facebook for seconds (really) before I remember - hey I don't get paid for this and get back to work. Well now, my really nice company is having to defend it self against the jack asses and you can get FIRED almost instantly for being on-line for anything not work related. So, as much as I love to check out what Shana or June or Carole are doing - I love my job even more. And trust me - I know what it is like to work for a total wack job at a job that made me so unhappy so am very thankful for what I have now - thus I may post at night & possibly not when I used to. But I can still check what's up from home & lucky you, faithful reader, I can blog from home as well.
So Ten on Thursday - Ten Things I Won't Miss About Winter.

1. Driveway drama - because really - how many times do I need to get stuck trying to go up my driveway?
2. Terrible drivers - not me of course - I learned to drive on the tundra of Montana - the driver's in CT - not so much....
3. Hauling up firewood - I heart the fire in the fireplace but hate hauling up the wood. We have almost burned through it for the year so that won't be an issue much longer.
4. Cold feet - because I don't have a decent pair of winter shoes or boots. So much for my wood smarts ....
5. Cabin fever - not too much of an issue this year as we ended up going out and about even if it was crappy.
6. Sunset at 4:00pm - how do those people in Alaska do it?
7. I guess the cold - but I will be begging for 20 degree weather in August.
8. Not being able to have a cocktail on the back porch - we love to sit outside and have a cocktail - it will be nice to do that again.
9. The snowplow knocking out our mail box - we still haven't fixed it.
10. Scraping the car windows - just thought of that one. Dolan - I think of when you first heard that sound when you moved up the New England and were staying at our house - too funny! The look on your face when I told you what the noise was - I'm surprised you didn't jump in your car and head back south!

Gotta got sit my ass on the couch and watch the UCONN men's game - the women were awesome & won the Big East - hopefully the men can do as well. GO HUSKIES!!

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Shana said...

Yeah, I don't blame you. Keeping your job has got to be a little bit higher on the priority scale than reading my blog, no matter how compelling and entertaining I am.

And I feel confident that you totally can sense the true tone the above comment is intended to be in.