Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've been a bad blogger

Seriously - where does the time go? I have not got home at night all week before 8. And the night I got home at 8 I had to watch the UCONN Women dominate the NCAA championship. So.... little time for blogging. I will catch up tonight - promise. In the meantime I can do the Ten on Tuesday - 10 food you hate - there is one specific food and one category of food. Specific - beets - hate them! Always have - don't know why but there you go. Category of food - Indian. hate may be too strong of a word - I find it hard to eat Indian food since my trip to India and the unfortunate mango Popsicle incident. That being said - I have to go into work early so will follow up on all of this AND a Friday cocktail recipe tonight!

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