Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Friday Fill Ins but it's Cocktail Time

Sorry for not posting for a week - so much to catch up on. First of all the Habib Kotie concert was amazing - better than I ever thought it could be, I must give a shout out to our friend in Florida - Yeast Infection, who introduced me to African music. Hope you read the blog - thanks, dude! Really, the music was great and if you ever get a chance to see Habib in concert - it is so worth it.

Then, Monday I was sick which sort of sucked. I am not sure if I had the flu or a little case of food poisoning - whatever it wasn't pretty but all is well now.

Then Wednesday I did my last training shift for my hospice training on the inpatient unit. I will be done with the entire 54 hour training this Saturday. I know that sounds like a lot of training hours, but considering the work I really don't mind.

Looks like they don't have the new Friday Fill In up yet so why don't you follow the link and fill it in for yourself when the new one is posted, they are fun to do. I may post again tomorrow but more likely, since it supposed to be 70 degrees out, I will be out on my back porch enjoying one of these - a French 75. I made a nice discovery this weekend, ok maybe not so nice for my liver but nice for the package store. After 22 years i can once again drink gin. See, back in high school, we used to raid our parents liquor cabinets ( don't tell my Mom) and we would pour shots of whatever was in their in a Ball canning jar "Grandma's Jelly Jar" we so cleverly called it. Then we'd drive down to Taco John's get a large Mountain Dew and mix whatever we had with the Mountain Dew. Is it a wonder I even have a liver? Anyhow - for some reason - all of our parents always had gin in the house but not one of them actually drank the stuff so it was easy to snag and then water down. One fine summer day I was hanging out with my friends Tim & Reba & we decided the gin might be tasty poured into a can of Diet 7-up instead. We got very drunk, Reba puked on the electric blanket in the back of Tim's Falcon (we called it the Flunkin), we thought she dead she was so drunk and I haven't been able to drink gin or Diet 7Up ever since - until last weekend. (Reba survived just fine - we sobered her up a little bit, took her home and I think she got in trouble and was very hung over but OK). So now that I am back in the gin saddle - so to speak - I'll be tipping my glass to this tomorrow night.

French 75 Ingredients:

- 1 1/2 oz Gin

- 2 oz Lemon Juice

- Champagne

- 2 tsp Superfine Sugar

- Garnish: Cherry

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice except champagne. Strain into a champagne flute (or collins glass). Top with champagne. Garnish with cherry.

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