Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pull Up the Bridge!! Oh and Ten on Tuesday

The epicenter of Connecticut's swine flu outbreak is here in River City... or so the First Selectman and School Board seem to think. Two kids in the middle school went to Mexico (I am assuming with some adult supervision) last week and now are sick. So they are closing school tomorrow so they can "disinfect the school". The poor kiddies in town are going to get a week of summer vacation between all the make up snow days and now this. Don't get me wrong - I hope those kids (and all kids in town) are safe and if sick get better soon but really....shutting down the entire school? Am I missing something or is the CDC not telling us mere mortals what the hell is going on? Shouldn't some common sense be exercised and not the Chicken Little mentality of the sky is falling? Can I get a day off of work because I drive by the homes of where kids who went to the infected school live? Whatever.... I will continue to wash my hands and cover my mouth if I sneeze and use some common sense which will hopefully get me safely through the storm.
Now to Ten On Tuesday - Ten Words People Would Use to Describe You. I am going to try to keep it to one word or a short phrase (thanks Carole for the idea). Please feel free to leave a comment if you agree, dont' agree or think I'm not taking this whole swine flu thing seriously enough - and you can back that up with some medical info...
1. loyal
2. friend
3. wife
4. daughter
5. good cook
6. great mixologist
7. funny
8. realist
9. mellow (that might be a stretch)
10. fun to be with
Ok - now go wash your hands!


Dolan said...

How about:
Enthuastic (spelling??)


Anonymous said...

Hey HB nice blog. The quilt is awesome. my 20 yr wedding anniversary is coming up so you have 4 years to make mine!!! 456!!

HB said...

Dolan - thanks! Your check is in the mail : - )

456- with the rate I'm going it might take 4 years to make another quilt...