Monday, May 11, 2009

Hola - a real quick update

Because we have been having more fun than I have time to write about. My most favorite things about the vaca so far

1. The exchange rate because 1,000 pesos to $1US is crazy. This trip so far has been cheap.

2. The vino - it is that good. We went on a winery tour and bought a bottle of special reserve red, a bottle of champagne and a nice wine opener for $9US - crazy.

3. The people - so nice and friendly except for the gang of pickpocket dudes who were hunting us like those poor antelope on the Animal Channel. It was weird - that will be a post all by itself.

4. The food - has been fabulous and worthy of an entire post. Remind me to tell you about the mussles dish we had tonight.

5. Everything else - this has been a kick ass vacation.

Now I must pack´- tomarrow we leave for Ushia and out flight leaves here early, we gotta be up at 4:30am - YIKES!!

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