Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We have Internet, we are home safe!

Boy - it's been awhile. Well, we made it home with little drama and our phone line was all messed up so no DSL so no Internet. I can't post at work and keep my job so I had to wait until we got our phone all fixed. So - now I can post some vaca photos but it may take me a couple of posts - I took over 200 photos! Promise - I'll try to hit the high spots.

This is Stone Mountain - our surprise first day of vacation in Atlanta. It was not a bad side trip but I would never go to this place in the summer - it would be crowded as hell.

This is a bad photo of the very cool walking trail up one side of the mountain. It is all granite and very cool, actually very hot in the sun. I wish we would have known about this so we could have walked the whole thing - but alas South America was calling our name.

We arrived in Chile about 8:00AM ( flew overnight) and after about 2 hours getting through immigration, we had to get off the plane and get our first Oh My God They May Have Swine Flu test, we went to the passport line, waited for 20 minutes only to be sent back to the Pay Us $120 to enter Chile line. Hubby paid for us and we were back to the passport line. We got to our hotel took a about a 2 hour nap (nothing gets moving until around 11:00) and headed down to the Central Market on our own. We booked a half day city tour for later but wanted to see what we could see first. This was a big open sea food market with restaurants inside. It was very smelly but clean in a stinky fish market kind of way.

This fountain is outside the market and in the area of the pick- pocket dudes. We didn't notice them the first couple of times we were down there but I am certain they noticed us. Still, the whole pedestrian walkway was very cool and I didn't flash my camera around too much here.

This photo is the top of the Metropolitan Church in the Plaza De Armes - an open square filled with artists, cafes and a great place to people watch. We did duck in the door way of the church - it was beautiful for a church. And because my photo of it isn't that great - I found this one to the right for you.

The area was really fun and we enjoyed a few pisco sours sitting at an outdoor cafe. The photo below is the post office, I loved the architecture of the old buildings up against the very modern, glass office building. This square was really beautiful and is probably where I fell in love with Santiago.

That's it for tonight - I got started posting late and we are starting the gym at 5:30AM thing again since we ate and drank our way through South America....but I'll share more over the weekend.


JessaLu said...

Welcome home! Lovely pictures - can't wait to see more!

Ann(ie) said...

WOW. What a cool trip!!!! Welcome home!