Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Made it to the End of the World and did you know there are TWO airports in Buenas Aries?

Well - we made it but not for nothing, it was probably the most S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L-L part of the trip. We got up early (4:30AM) made it to the Santiago airport with about an hour to spare. I was the first customer at Starbuck´s and all was right with the world. When we got off the plane - we had to go through the "Oh My God You Are Americans we must screen you for swine flu" screening. Which we have hit every time we got off a plane internationally as they don´t have the flu in SA yet. Usually a bunch of masked and gowned people meet you at a designated door - you give them a form stating you have no symptoms of the swine flu, they figure you are American and are freaked anyway, they scan your body temp and once they have completed that for your entire flight - they turn you lose to customs. For some reason, they would not let us (the entire flight) off the bus for like 20 minutes. Finally we got out of that, customs we walked right through and went to double check our flight ( already had the boarding passes, Thank God) and that, dear friends, is when we found out we had to take a taxi to the other airport - 40 minutes away and we had about an hour to get to our gate. This is when all that getting up at 5:30 to go to the gym thing paid off. We ran to an ATM to get Argentina pesos to pay the taxi, then ran to the taxi stand and waited... and waited...Finally this old man pulls up in a cab that had seen better days with a broken windshield and as we told him we needed to get to the airport pronto - he moved at a snails pace and I knew it would not be good. As he was poking down the road, cleaning his nails, the car miraculously broke down on a major highway. He told us it would be about 15 minutes for another car to arrive. So after swearing a bit, I told the Universe that I was going to go with the flow and if we were meant to get to Ushaia - we would and I totally gave it up. After about 5 seconds of zen , we jumped out of the cab (now parked on the shoulder of a 4 lane major highway) and flagged down another cab. The driver was cool , we were happy again until we looked down at his dash as he was pulling off the side of the road and noticed he had no gas. "It´s OK" he said, "we are staying on the highway it´s faster." He weaved around two big semi trucks from the shoulder and we made it to the airport on fumes. We ran to check our bags - no issues, ran thru security fast and easy since you don´t have to take your shoes off and made it to our gate 10 minutes before they boarded the plane. I need a beer so bad but nothing opens before 8 so I will try to just chill - our B&B is nice, it is cold and rainy and we are here. Yep - life is good!

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