Sunday, June 21, 2009

More vaca photos

Because - I haven't shown you anything other than Santiago.

This fountain is in the Parque de Las Esculuras. It is beautiful during the day but at night they have a light show and the fountain has different configurations - I guess sort of like in Vegas at the Bellagio, only not so big, no music and in South America. It was another popular make out part of town . Our hotel was about a 2 minute block away and the subway stop was right across the street - very convenient.

This is me shopping at the craft market in Santa Lucia - see Shana - I really was in Santiago! I don't look very happy but I really loved this place. A lot of local artisans and very reasonable prices for most things. Plus they had security guards in here so there were no pick pockets. There were probably 200 vendors in this market - we went back at least 3 times. the photo to the right is the outside of the market from the Santa Lucia park. As you can see our visit was the same time of the release of Angels and Demons.

To the right is about half way up to the top of the Santa Lucia park. It was a beautiful hike and you could go all the way to the top (we did) or stop at any number of terraces on the way up (which we also did).

We felt very safe wandering around and really did not have much of a problem - except for the Pepcid lift. We were walking around with a backpack (translation = tourist who has something in the backpack I can rip off). Several vendors told us to watch out & wear the pack in the front but did we listen? No. We wondered around quite confident until we came into the Central Market for lunch. Some locals pointed at our back pack & we noticed the small pocket was unzipped. I panicked because I had our iPod charger, camera UBS cord, Pepcid & Advil in that pocket. All that was missing - the Pepcid. Which concerned me because we were in the land of pisco sours & much red wine. But then I thought why the hell did I need to carry all that crap around? in a backpack? My purse (yes the whole purse, not just my wallet) was in the big pocket and fine but Hubby & I both felt pretty stupid - we both know better than to be such an obvious target. So we ate our lunch at Donde Augusto in the Mercado Central. We had some very nummy fresh fish - the place was loud and lively. We wanted to wander around some more and with the pack in front - we headed out on the street. It was very strange because all of a sudden I stopped - I could "feel" 3 guys watching us - sure enough they were following us and I am sure hoping to rip us off again. I had our camera dangling from my wrist (duh -obvious target again) and we both looked a little freaked. I did not know what to do so we ducked into a yarn store to re-group. 2 different locals came in and in broken English told us were were being followed and to be careful, hide the camera, watch our money, etc. I nervously picked out a couple of skeins of yarn, paid for them and tried to figure out what to do next. We wanted to go to a coffee place - they have cafes called "coffee with legs" and I was intrigued. Basically they are like strip clubs but with coffee(no booze), the girls don't have much clothes on to start with and they leave on what they have. So we found one and went inside (the guys were still following us). It was the best coffee we had our entire trip (the norm is instant Nescafe - yuk!) but it felt strange to have a very scantily clad young girl, maybe 18, make us a couple of cappachinos then do a little dance in front of us under the black light. She was a very sweet girl but I wanted to leave. We went back out & I wanted to get a picture of the front of the cafe and my camera battery died! I looked around and sure enough saw two of our stalkers. I decided right then - damn it I would dig in my back pack and get new batteries, I would take my picture and stare them down the whole time. Which is what we did. I did not want to show them we were intimidated. We walked a few blocks and they dropped off. So to the left is the picture we took of our cafes con piernas (coffee with legs).
That's it for today. While unpacking I found two post cards we did not send so popped them in the mail to the Scaleys' and Miss Lillie B - I hope you noticed the stamp !

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