Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day One or Ok - I'll Try This Out

Well - I have been threatening to do this for about a week now so for those of you who must know what me & hubby like to do in CT and don't want to wait for the Christmas letter here you go. I can't promise how often I'll post as we are stuck with Wild Blue satellite Internet coverage at home ( I hate Wild Blue but I'm sure will talk more about that later).

A little about us - we have been in CT for 8 years now - (YIKES) and lived in West Palm Beach before that. Hubby is an Air Force brat & traveled everywhere but I'm from Montana where I grew up as, get this, a Dillon Beaver (thus the sub-title of the blog). I survived and actually appreciate growing up in small town Montana and now live in the village of Moodus ( smaller than Dillon - haha on me) in the town of East Haddam, home of the "Noises".

Fast forward to last weekend, Labor Day. Growing up we always went to Montana's Biggest weekend - The Dillon Jaycee Rodeo and Beaverhead County Fair. But no more in CT - we split wood and robbed the bees ( we have 2 hives).
First the photo of all the fire wood we split (29 tractor loads but who's counting!)
We should be set for the winter - the picture doesn't do justice to the 3 rows of wood approximately 6 feet high and 10 feet long. Anyhow - we split all day Saturday, 2 hours Sunday and 4 hours Sunday. Sorry for the bleary photo but my arms were shaking...

Time to sign off for today - I'll give more background later & post photos of the Steves Squared robbing the bees.

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