Friday, September 19, 2008

Tai Chi Ya Later !

Whew - I am finally done with my 10 session, once a week tai chi class. I am SO SO SO glad it's over. It was supposed to be relaxing and teach me how to slow down & think deep thoughts but all it did was stress me out almost every week that a) I either had to go to the class or b) I had to figure out how to make up a class I had to miss. Now, there were only two of us taking the class, a very dear friend & I and the instructor is fab so I am certain the issue was me. I could not relax if you paid me to in those classes. I think the biggest part was committing to 10 weeks of anything on a regular basis and then just slowing down for an hour was hard. All I could think about last night was - "YEA! This will be over in 1 hour, now55 minutes, now50 minutes," etc. You get the point. So I guess I am not deep, I am quite shallow, Shal. Low. Hal has nothing on me. ( I thought of that line last night with about 45 minutes left during the standing-relaxing-clear-your-mind-stance).
So no more classes until possibly January - maybe I'll practice what I learned, maybe I'll learn the tai chi from the DVD I bought but have only watched 10 minutes, maybe I'll learn how to relax so I won't need tai chi. Probably not any of those.......

I DID buy running shoes during my lunch break yesterday and will take them for a spin this weekend. After all the 1/2 marathon registration opens tomorrow and I need to register. You can't run 13.1 miles if you don't start somewhere! So - who wants to join me???

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