Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten On Tuesday - I'm Scared!

Ok - I had meant to post about our wild & wacky weekend trips to Boston for the Sox game but I left my camera at home so can't download the photos. So it will have to be the usual Ten On Tuesday - this week Ten Things that Scare Me or Freak me Out.

1. The idea of drowning

2. White water rafting (see item 1)

3. Walking thru the woods on our property and having Hubby say "Wow - this looks like Blair Witch Project".

4. Scary books

5. Adds for scary movies on TV - HATE THEM!!

6. Being crammed into small places

7. Reckless driving

8. Ouija boards

9. Bad vibes or spirits

10. Not having booze in the house on Sunday ( they don't sell booze on Sunday in CT) - obviously more freaky than scary & it doesn't happen very much any more : - )
So.... what scares you???

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