Monday, September 8, 2008

We Survived!

The latest big tropical storm, although the folks in Hartford so so wanted it to be a category 5 hurricane. No matter what disaster happens anywhere in the world, the folks in our fine state have to think of a way to bring it back home to CT. I heard on the radio they even opened some Red Cross shelters in CT Friday for potential flooding. I know being well prepared is a good thing, but man don't wish this bad stuff on the state!

Dinner Saturday night was good fun - we went to Providence & met our friend Kathleen & her main squeeze, Liam. All through dinner we kept saying - "It's only raining a little bit - wonder when the storm will hit?" Well - it hit while we were getting coffee after dinner. Torrential rain that fell fast & the streets of Providence were like fast moving creeks.The water was about 4-5 inches high - but we survived!

Not much else going on this weekend - preparing for our big, red neck road trip to New Hampshire to watch the boys make left hand turns. We haven't watched all of the race from yesterday since we had to watch the 'Fins lose (not as bad as I thought it would be) and the Red Sox win - GO SOX! Tonight the Sox start a very important 3 game series with Tampa so we might not get to the race at all....

As promised, here is the view from my office. Very distracting but I love it!

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voluntr said...

super-nice view! but where are all the nutmegs...?