Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who did I think I was, Wonder Woman??

Yesterday we had a bigger storm than our brush with Hanna. Anyway I thought it was. Here is a picture (same view as the last photo). It was pretty cool to watch but when I got home from work, I discovered a tree branch had broken off a big ol' tree and blocked the driveway. So I got out and thought I'd take a crack at moving it. Do you know some of these branches can weigh several 100 pounds?? I didn't know it at the time so gave a try at moving it, ala Wonder Woman. A smaller branch I grabbed broke off, and all my displaced energy carried me backwards and since I was going downhill I lost my footing and fell - backwards with my head breaking my fall. And I thought my ass would have been big enough to hit first! Glasses & cell phone went flying and I lay in the drive way stunned & sure I had broken my neck. I was freaked out when I reached back & felt blood and started to cry, Ok sob. You can laugh - the visual is funny now but trust me, it wasn't then. Especially after I made repeated calls to hubby and no answer on his cell ( found out later he left it on his desk at work.) So I grabbed all my crap out of my truck ( purse, book bag, 2 potted mums for the front of the house) and walked down to the house like a blubbering idiot.

What was the first thing I did when I dropped all my crap on the floor? What anyone would do - grabbed the emergency bottle of chardonnay (everyone has one of those - right? Ok - maybe not but I do) and poured myself a glass. Then I cleaned up my hand road burns (from the fall), washed off the blood from my head and applied an ice pack. Once hubby got home - to his credit he didn't laugh and seemed genuinely concerned - he went out with the chain saw to remove the tree branch. He guessed it weighed about 1,000 pounds - it was big. I was on my second glass of wine by now and had started to wonder if ETOH might mask the symptoms of a concussion. So.. I finished my second glass of wine, ate dinner & called my neighbor, Karen. She told me to check my pupils - check they are Ok; and if I started to vomit go to the ER. Thanks, Karen! I waited a little bit before I started the third glass of wine so I would be able to tell if I got sick from wine or head injury.

Today my neck, and head hurt but I think I'll survive. And next time...I'm going to park the truck & walk around the damn branch.

Steve & Debbie arrive tomorrow for our NASCAR extravaganza weekend - I'll try to post - we have free high speed Internet at our hotel - Woo Hoo!

I just got Site Meter added to my blog so I can tell if anyone is reading this - hope someone is! Oh ya - and a link to a really, really, really funny blog story from my new favorite blog is below - a warning - don't drink anything while reading this story - you'll snort it out through your nose, it's that funny! Make sure you read the original post & comments. Let me know what you think!