Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catching Up and Ten on Tuesday

I'm baaack! We had an uneventful but pleasant vaca in Florida. The cats survived with their very capable house/cat sitter and now life is back to normal - whatever that means. I thought I'd share some old photos from the Thunder in the Valley event we went to. (I didn't take any photos on vacation and we only saw the beach from the bar stool at Lou's Blues.)
Aren't those ladies cute with their Moodus #1 sign? I was cracking up. We had a tailgate party across from the cemetery. And not just any old cemetery - this is the First Church Cemetery - go and read about Venture Smith, a former slave from Africa who bought his freedom and was buried here. The second photo is of the Essex Sailing Masters. I love those boys with their tall hats and boots! They just look like they have money.
Ok - the topic today is 10 Ways to Save Money - something I am not that great at but I think it's pretty common sense.
1. Take your own lunch to work.
2. Don't go out to eat very much.
3. Use your local library - seriously I read a lot and this is the best thing ever.
4. Watch your fav pro sports team on TV - not hard for me to do as the 'Fins only play up here 1-2 times a year.
5. Buy stuff on sale.
6. Stay away from tempting stores.
7.Get TiVo and record lost of shows - you'll never need to go to the movies.
8. Use Netflix.
9. Make your own homebrew.
10. Go for a hike in a state forest off season - free parking!
Ok - now I have to try and catch up on all my blog reading - it's good to be back!

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Shana said...

Welcome home. Make the soup. It is seriously good.