Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is it 2009 yet? Or Holy Shit I'm Old, I can't stay up 'till midnight.

Since I promised to post tonight & I'm drinking with Training Buddy who reads my blog - I am posting. I have had several martinis, glasses of wine, too much food and now coffee. All I want to do is find the soft spot on the couch and fall asleep because if the ball drops in New York City and I'm not awake to see it - it's still 2009, right? We are having a pretty mellow night and that's OK but I am in serious jeopardy of staying awake another hour. I was afraid we'd run out of booze and now all I want to drink is coffee. But hey - it's 11:00 - only 1 hour left to go. I look forward to 2009 with high hopes but am content in the moment of 2008 for now. It has been a good year and I want to count my many blessings. Great friends, a supportive family, a house , a job, a couple extra bucks to do things I want and buy snobby coffee every once in awhile. Life is good now and I have no doubt it will be good if not better in 2009. So goodbye 2008 - you were good to me. I am going to toast to 2009, do a spell check on this post and hit the sack about 12:05. Happy New Year!

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Shana said...

Happy New Year, HB!i