Monday, December 22, 2008

Yep - we got snow!

Like 10 inches of the stuff. Normally we would have had our glass of port, enjoyed the weekend and all would be right with the world. And that is how it was - sort of. Let me give you the picture tutorial of Friday.

This is the view out of my office window on Friday - around 10:00am. Now we all knew the storm was fast approaching so this sense of calm before the storm was , well the calm before the storm. Now I have mentioned that I love my company - they really do amazing work and truly walk the talk. About 12:00 they sent an e-mail out saying we were closing for the day at 12:30 - we would get paid for the whole day! They did this, and I quote "for the safety of our employees". Now how cool is that? So I hopped in my truck at 12:31and the view looked pretty much like above until about 5 minutes into my drive. I saw a flake or two start to fall, after 20 minutes on the road it looked like this

Not a lot of snow yet but you got the sense things were going to change quickly. Another 10 minutes I was turning into downtown Moodus (by the packy) and it looked like this

I was happy that I only had about 5 minutes left of my commute. When I turned down the driveway it looked like this

You'll notice it was pretty wet stuff. I was ever so glad to be home. I went out on our back deck and took this update photo

Now - this was all the snow that fell in about 30 minutes. It was a beautiful storm. At around 5 PM I went out & took these two photos off the back deck.

And since I can't figure out how to format the photos any different - sorry there you have it.

Our neighbor came down for gift wrapping and martinis and Hubby fortunately had the good sense to drive her down and home - our driveway was a bitch..... And the cats - where were they during the storm? Safe and sound..

The view off the deck the next morning was very pretty - you couldn't even see the deck lights on the boughs anymore - eventually they "burned" thru the snow.

Eric - Dude - I am so sorry you missed this one. This was all the snow you were waiting for last year when you were here. So why don't you talk your folks into coming up this week....

Ok - now the drama part - we were enjoying the view - a little nervous about the driveway but we were cool. Until I was fixing dinner and the water just stopped. Like stopped coming out of the faucet. Like none came out ...of any the whole house. Now Hubby is very handy so I wasn't freaked out yet. Until he totally freaked out. Do you know how much you depend on running water? I thought I knew but I really didn't until this weekend and trust me, now I do. We made a run into town to get water - Hubby forgot he has low 4 wheel drive on his truck & even after I told him (he didn't listen to me) he managed to get stuck going out up our bitch of a driveway and broke a taillight when he hit a tree. We went to the local drug store and since we hadn't showered in 2 days - had just been a major fight and were stressed about the whole lack of water thing, we looked our best and I'm sure broadcasted a vibe of peace, love and harmony. Fortunately for us that is when we ran in Senator Christopher Dodd. I'm sure he was so impressed with us - I could tell by how fast he got the hell away from us & out the door. Actually he was quite cordial, shorter than I thought and buying a snow shovel. That was our brush with someone famous for the day - he does live in East Haddam so it shouldn't have been a big surprise to see him somewhere around town.

We melted snow to wash some dishes, used snow to cool down our martini glasses (that was a nice suprise - it really cools things off) and basically worried about how much it would cost us to get the damn pump/well/whateverthehellitwasthatwasn'tworking fixed. The good news is the company that originally dug the well is still in business and they returned our call. I belong to a gym at work so hurried in this morning to shower there before work. More good news is the well comapny was to be at the house this afternoon about 1:30. Hubby called me at 3:30 to tell me that yes, they showed up at 1:30 and at 3:30 they had just finished digging their truck out of the ditch off our driveway - did I mention the driveway is a bitch and over 1,500 feet long? So now I get to sit here an wait and wonder how much this repair will cost us, when they can get it done and hope the driveway isn't too iced over for my drive home. If it is, I'll park down by the mail box and walk home, in the dark. What was I saying about how much I heart snow? This is the view out of my office today - notice the ice floats in the river.

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Shana said...

We spent a day and a half without heat, and I thought I was going to die. And still? If I had to choose one to keep and one to die, I'd keep the water and lose the heat. I think. I don't know. That's a tough one. But OMG sorry.