Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ten Best Momments of the Year

Ok - notsowildaboutblue is working so hopefully I'll get this post in. I have sort of cleaned the house - more like moved piles of shit to secret hiding place so Training Buddy and family will have a place to sit down, sleep & eat breakfast. Since they are predicting 3-6 inches of snow & we have the driveway from hell - they need to be comfortable 'cuz they may be staying awhile. I have a glass of wine in hand, Hubby is snoring on the couch and the cats are all tucked in so it's just you & me, my bloggy friends.

In no particular order are my Ten on Tuesday. Of course, it is probably skewed by the most recent events but I can't help that - did I mention I'm drinking wine?

1. Mom's December visit - she was here for almost the whole month and we had a really nice time. She lives out West so I miss doing the everyday things with her - we had a nice chance to catch up & just hang out.

2. The Florida Friends #1 visit - I can't remember if I have a name for them, how about Nico's People. Nico's Dad, Mom & brother came up for a week - they hung out with my Mom for a couple of hours when we picked them up at the airport & then dropped Mom off for her return flight. We had visitors for the entire month of December last year & it was good fun...really. I think the highlight was Geocaching when it was around -10 degrees - they loved it! Or at least that's what they said when we went back to the car..where they were sitting freezing their Florida patooties off!

3. The first day of baseball - always a good day - no matter what year.

4. #2 Visit form Florida friends - Visit from the Lizard family - it was a little warmer for them in May. We had a very nice time, hanging out having the nice big bar b-que I planned inside since it rained (the house was packed but that's OK) and showing Li'l Lizard Boy the bees - he had on a pair of pj's with feet which was a nice bee suit & he showed no fear!

5. Our week in Maine - even thought it rained we managed to have a pretty relaxing time. I think we hauled up half our house - which, for those of you who know us, know we don't travel light. We even brought up our own basil plant (pesto) and mint plant (mojito's) because I don't think they have either in Maine.

6. Music on the River concerts - I am on the town Parks & Rec Committee & we sponsor these outdoor summer concerts down by the Connecticut River. They are always good fun - I'll make sure I post all about them this summer.

7. Meeting Dolan's ....main squeeze? fiance? love of her life? Finally ... we thought she was making it all up.

8. Thanksgiving with family - it was nice to get away & have an unusually low key week in Florida. However, my brother in law forced me to drink a copious amount of rum and cokes one night so I hurt myself- thanks, Cliff. Glad you hurt yourself as well : - )

9. The election results - I still get goose bumps thinking about it. Can you imagine what the inauguration will be like?

10. Getting water back - thank God. I would be the worst pioneer woman, although I do like to chop wood.

Honorable mention but I've mentioned it several times already - leaving my old job and getting my new best job ever.

Also starting my blog - it has been fun and I've met some very cool people!

Ok - time to get another glass of wine, happy New Year's Eve eve. I will post from our neighbors tomorrow and most likely will be thankful for spell check after a couple of martinis.


Shana said...

Awesome year! I may do something like this, try to recap my ten best moments. But frankly, I've had a pretty good year, so it'll be hard.

Of all the problems to have, this is one I can deal with. Raise a glass for me tonight, if you would.

Kathy said...

What a great idea! I think I am going to write my Top 10 in my little book I keep (it's not a journal!) - TOTALLY psyched that I made the list :) Happy 2009 to you and Steve!