Thursday, November 6, 2008

A good blizzard story..

My half marathon training buddy sent me a link to this web site, Garden Rant that is having a snow blower give away contest. Instead of randomly choosing a number, they are looking for the best blizzard/heavy snow storm story. And hell ya - I got one of those! But I'm not going to tell it here - it really is too long to re-type so you'll have to go here and read it in the comments section. I will add the end of the story on my blog so go ahead and read the first part, then come back to my blog.

Funny , huh? Ya that night was a laugh a minute. Somewhere I have a disposable camera with a picture of hubby trying to dig the ditch which I remember fondly taking just so "I can show people how stupid you are trying to dig this damn ditch!". I believe those were my exact words too. So fast forward to our arrival at our apartment after the long, death defying drive home in which we did not speak to each other for over an hour. I came in the apt. and immediately called my Mom to tell her I was over it, I was going to leave my then fiance, I'd had it. I wanted a drink but in CT the liquor stores close at 8:00 and we just missed the deadline. I was so stressed. I was in our bedroom trying to decide the best way to leave and crying to my Mom, who was concerned as she was over 3,000 miles away and really could do nothing. ( I tend to do that to my poor Mom, I called her when I thought our house was burning down too but that's another story). Anyhow - the last person I wanted to see knocked on the bedroom door - but he had an apple martini in his hand. So I thought, OK maybe this will work out. I grudgingly took the drink & noticed little clouds of something floating in the drink - I tried to pick one out to discover it was..... BACON GREASE! He had washed the glasses in the dishwasher with a pan we used to fry bacon ( even though I told him a BAZILLION times not to) !!!!!!! I then started to ball, like with snorts and everything and my poor Mom was going "What's wrong?? WHAT"S WRONG??" I managed to choke out I .....have.....snort ...sniff .. snort...BACON GREASE IN MY MARTINIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!! And her wonderful reply, comforting from 3,000 miles away was "Good God, drink it anyway it's not going to kill you". So I did and it didn't. And me and that wonderful martini maker got married a couple of years later because we survived that so why not try marriage.

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