Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Have you voted yet??

Wow - I have so much to write about today - the first being the election, of course. I woke up early this morning, and was really, really excited to go vote. Hubby & I went to the polling place in town and were shocked to see traffic jams and lines out past the street! All of this at 6:20 AM. It was a festive atmosphere and I really did feel like I was part of history - WOW! We live in such a great country.

It was a good thing my day started out so amazing because on my drive to work, something very funky happened to my truck and the engine died about 10 minutes from work. I don't know what happened but it felt big..... and expensive. My most amazing Hubby came and picked me up, AAA picked up the truck and I arrived at work by 10. So, dear readers, cross your fingers that my truck only had a "minor" issue.

November 1 was the start of the Freeze yer Buns Challenge which we will be trying. Especially after we got out first gas bill since June - over $3.50 a gallon, so over $400 - OUCH! The goals of the program are on the above link at Crunchy Chicken's blog - go check it out! We do have the advantage of having a ton of firewood to supplement our fuel use but don't burn the fire 24/7 since I don't work from home anymore. We'll see how we do when it starts to get real cold - it was 60 degrees today.

And finally, Ten on Tuesday - here's my list (in no particular order) of Ten Things I Love to Talk About!

1. The 'Fins - here's your victory song, they beat Denver Sunday - YEA!

2. The Red Sox - not so much in the off season but only 100 days until catchers & pitchers report to spring training!

3. My awesome friends - love you all!

4. My wonderful family - especially when you drive me nuts, baby bro!

5. My kitty kids - guess I need to post photos some day.

6. Reiki - it really is a cool thing & I believe it helps people

7. Good books I've read

8. The fun blogs I follow - see most listed to the left

9. Good music - especially performers I haven't heard

10. Adventures I've had while traveling

Ok, if you haven't done it - do what half of the world only dreams of doing


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