Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yea for America !!

What a night!! I was cautiously optimistic and was quite surprised by my reaction when they finally called the results at 11. Up until then it still seemed like the rug could be pulled out from under the American voters, again. But that didn't happen and I actually cried when they announced the results - holy crap!
To my friends in West Palm - what is the deal with your county election office?? Why can't those people get their shit together?!? At least this year it didn't affect the national election - but I would be holding some people accountable down there if they tried to suppress my right to vote by totally creating a screwy system that no one can follow or machines that don't work. But I digress.....

How can you not help but feel optimistic, and hopeful and think that ya, maybe this is the time we've been waiting for? I so respected John McCain's speech last night. He spoke from the heart - it was like the old John McCain showed up, not the KarlRoveRepublican party robot. He is a great man and I believe he will keep his promise and work with the new administration.

I went to bed excited and hopeful and I woke up excited and hopeful. I want to be part of the change, not sure how that will happen but I'm tired of watching from the sidelines and watching America become a shadow of herself. The rest of the world was as excited as any of us with the results - how can that not be a good thing ?? And I know it's easy to talk about change - but it's up to us as Americans to hold all of our politicians accountable and to get involved, don't just bitch because as we are sitting on our ass with our remote the world happens around us and we don't like what is happening. I think that was the best thing about the high voter turn out, people are giving a shit. Have we woken up? Did it take the financial crisis to make us sit up and take notice?

Here is a link to some pretty cool election songs for Obama from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Who says the world wasn't ready for a change??


Shana said...

All that stuff about Obama and America and Change and Good? Me Too!

Ann(ie) said...

YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYEEE! I've been giddy and proud and just happy all day long! I'm so thrilled for our country. 8)

DPUTiger said...

Hi! You're set to "no reply address" on blogger, so I came here to reply to your comment on my blog :)

first, great post! This was the first time in my life that I voted for a POTUS candidate that I was excited about, rather than the lesser of two evils. I hope that President Obama lives up to my high hopes!

As far as splitting my energy between my hobbies ... they're just that. Hobbies. Generally speaking, I finish my day's work and then take a deep breath and decide what I want to do today. It has become a little challenging to "make" myself quilt. I like sitting up in the living room with the hubster and my quilting stuff is down in the basement. Once I get down there (as I forced myself to do this week so I could get those group quilts finished!), I love what I'm doing and my fabric frenzy is rekindled.

Do whatever works for you. This is supposed to be fun, right? :)