Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wanna have a cookie exchange?

First of all - I must admit - I heart a good cookie exchange. I like all the variety without having to do all the damn work of making 20 million different cookies. Especially since it's just me & Hubby and neither one of us really needs any cookies - but 'tis the season and I have a half marathon I'm training for.

So Training Buddy sent me a great link for a posting from the Accidental Housewife, her Christmas Cookie Manifesto. It made me re-think my cookie exchange efforts. Last year, I was invited (OK invited myself) to participate in a wonderful cookie exchange that included about 12 Girl Scout Moms. I should have known I was out of my league but I wanted those damn cookies. I found some very pretty, fussy, never tried to make them before recipe and off I went. I broke almost every rule in the manifesto. Decorated? Check - did that with red sugar because I went to 6 different stores & couldn't find anymore green sugar. Stressed out? Check - my Mom who was visiting had to help me get the damn things done about 20 minutes before we left for the damn cookie exchange. Plastic plates? Check - did that and I think used festive colored Saran Wrap to cover them. Recipe? Shit! I was supposed to bring a recipe for these damn cookies? All in all those Girl Scout Moms were very nice & generous and took all of my cookies, whether they ended up in the trash or not I do not know. So.... if you live close by and want to invite me to participate, I promise I won't try to be Martha this year.

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Ann(ie) said...

Lawd I love cookies!! But, I'm still full from yesterday. =/
I'm finally getting off my bum and going private today, but can you send me your email again? I want to make sure I have it. xo.
annmiller71 at comcast dot net.