Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whatever I Want Wednesday

I'm borrowing an idea from another blog I read, bag n' trash. You really must go check out her beautiful photos of New England fall that she posted yesterday. I just finished knitting a scarf using her gathered scarf pattern and love it! I used Ct Yarn and Wool Farmhouse Silk in Autumn, although it looks more Christmasy to me. I loved working the pattern, fast & easy and the scarf is oh so warm. I bought an extra skein of yarn so I can make a pair of socks! Thanks Maryse, for sharing your wonderful pattern!

Now for my Ten on Tuesday - I was going to blow it off but I like the topic - Ten Things I'm Thankful For. I never want to pass up a chance to remember that - even though I do my fair share of bitching & moaning.

1. My health

2. My husband ( most of the time)

3. My family

4. My friends

5. My great new job

6. Lessons learned from my not so great old job.

7. That I have a house to go home to.

8. That I chopped enough damn wood I'll have a nice fire tonight.

9. My cats, except at 4:00AM when they are chasing a mouse around our bedroom - like last night.

10. I live someplace where there is a change of seasons - appreciating the end of fall but looking forward to the first snowfall.

I'll end with a picture I took from our neighborhood. I thought it was really cool, a Halloween decoration for adults. I was thinking it was sort of a Burning Man deal but Hubby thought it was more Blair Witchy - which I won't even go to their web site to check out because the thought freaks me out too much. So let me know what you think!

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Trillian42 said...

Great scarf!

And I'm with you - Burning Man. Not the right shape for Blair Witch. :)