Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning.....

It has been well established on this blog that I heart snow and last night we got about 8 inches of the stuff. What was really fun about that was, because we watched zippo local news yesterday, we woke up this morning totally shocked that it snowed at all. It snowed a little bit off and on yesterday and we knew that was going to happen but still. This is what the driveway looked like today, on my way to work.

And another awesome ever so awesome surprise awaited me thanks to Shana at So Not Zen. We didn't have the effortless hook-up of DSL over the weekend as promised by AT&T ( I could have told them it wasn't going to be easy, they are sending someone out to the house to check it out - ha! See driveway picture above, this should be interesting) so I did not have Internet access all weekend. On Friday, Shana awarded me this :

And to quote The Barefoot Contessa - How cool is that????? Really - I let out a little scream because this my very first blog award - thanks Shana for totally making my day! And I don't even care about the grammar but someone I'm going to award it to will. So now the hard part - I need to pass it on to 10 people. And then they pass it on to 10 people. When you pass it on you need to: post it to your blog and link to me, then link to the 10 blogs you're sending it to, then comment on those 10 blogs to let them know you did it. I don't read a lot of blogs but I will go ahead, at the risk of rejection, pass it on to the following blogs that I do read. These are some smart, talented, funny women and I do enjoy reading their blogs so go check them out! And Shana - if I could I'd include you on this list - thanks again!

Tosca (her Mom helps her blog I suspect)


Chris said...

Aw, thank you!!! Please forgive me for not mentioning this on ye olde blog, though - the only blog award I ever mention is the Golden Spork.

Thanks for reading!!

(But I can't agree with the snow love - I am so over winter...)

floribunda said...

Thanks, HB! And thanks for the links to a few blogs I haven't been to before, like Tosca's. Everyone should have a pet like that.

byebyepie said...

I ever KNOW!? Oh, man. Nevertheless, I am honored and humbled. Thank you. Now I have to go see what Tosca's pet is.

maryse said...

thank you so much for the award! it's very sweet of you to include me on this list.