Sunday, January 25, 2009

What??? We actually have DSL?????

I was so wrong - we CAN get DSL and am I ever one happy chick! The nice man from AT&T was here about 10:00am , right after we opened the bottle of champagne so we could have mimosas and he went right to work. About 30 minutes later, we had DSL! As soon as I went to my Bloglines page Hubby said " Uhh, guess I'll see you later tonight..." Wow - I can't believe it. And instead of paying $80 a month for notsowildaboutblue, we are only paying around $30 for much faster, more reliable DSL.

And the repair guy didn't get stuck because Hubby worked about 2 hours yesterday & another hour today sanding the driveway - here is a photo of just the beginning of the climb up the hill - he did an awesome job! And you'll notice a slight "ghost vision" of me in the photo as I took this from inside and you can see my reflection - too cold to go outside and not as good of view.

Ok - so watch out Facebook - here I come! Oh forgot - Training Buddy & I ran 10 miles yesterday. It went great but the last 2 miles coming back were very cold & windy. I'm sore today (thus the mimosas) but am happy to have that run over. Less than a month before the half marathon!

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