Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Recipe for Success

Well, life is getting back to normal. Back to work full time, watching what we eat, not drinking and we joined a gym. WHAT ??? WE... Hubby & I joined a gym? Yes faithful readers WE did. I have been going to the little workout room at work and since Hubby couldn't join that one (doesn't work in the building) we joined a real, grown up gym. And the shocker is we actually got up at 5:45 this AM and went to the gym. Maybe this clean living is agreeing with us. Well, Ok after two days it is agreeing with us.

I have the usual resolutions, but one thing I saw on one of my favorite blogs, The Perfect Pantry
really caught my eye. This is such a great idea and really hit home for me the issue of childhood hunger. We may not have had much extra fancy stuff growing up but we always had a good meal on the table. I think instead of focusing on me me me for my resolutions I will try to add some things I will start doing, not just stop doing. Supporting my local food bank consistently seems like a good place to start.

After a whole year, well almost the whole year of following this blog A Year of Crockpotting
I am having withdrawals. I hope you are having fun visiting the Mouse, Steph! This is a very cool site and the best part is she gives the real low down or verdict on the recipes.

And since it is Tuesday, I will re-visit Ten on Tuesday this week, Ten Things I Want To Do in 2009. Per usual - in no particular order
1. Complete in a reasonable time (and not hurt myself) the Hyannis Half Marthon next month.
2. Remember my resolution to give back, I am starting training to volunteer at a local Hospice unit this month.
3. Not get sick on our trip to South America.
4. Think positive more than think negative.
5. Continue to care about what I eat, drink & exercise.
6. Never have my friends or family doubt how much I love them and how important they are in my life.
7. Finish at least 2 quilts and learn how to knit socks.
8. Make it to a couple of Red Sox games.
9. Go watch the 'Fins play somewhere fun.
10. Not slide off the driveway during our bad weather, which we happen to be having tonight. Maybe I should put that one at the top of the list?


Shana said...

If you want to head out to the Pacific Northwest, I could totally have you knitting socks in no time.

HB said...

Great - the airfare would probably be cheaper than all the yarn I have bought (so far) thinking "I'm gonna learn to make socks this year!"

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

So glad you found inspiration in my post about childhood hunger. So many people don't realize that this is a very real problem in America -- even in Massachusetts. Even in Boston. Even on the Cape. (And if you're having the ice we're having in RI, please stay indoors today. It's awful!)

Quilt Pixie said...

hey Jenni I'd love to add you as an authour on the friday block party blog, your comment on my blog (quiltpixie.blogspot.com) shows your profile as set to no reply though... I have to have an email address for you :-(