Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's gonna snow ....again....

Ok - I must admit some of the luster of 3-7 inches of new snow has worn off. That is what they are predicting for us, starting between 1:00-4:00AM and continuing on thru rush hour. The drive in won't be too fun as people in CT get totally freaked out about driving in the white stuff. As a matter of fact - someone was practicing this morning and had a big nasty wreck off the Argonne Bridge in Middletown - on the side of the bridge I was trying to cross over to. So - traffic was backed up for about 1/2 an hour. I was all zen about it - I had my knitting so I just sat there and knitted and waited and knitted. At least I got to work and I wasn't part of the wreck. I'm sure the snow part will be pretty - but then they are predicting possible freezing rain or sleet for the drive home - that will be really fun. This is the part about winter that isn't so fun - being on the road with people who get freaked out about being on the road or drive way too fast and think they will be fine because they drive 4 wheel drive. Speaking of which - Hubby almost went off the driveway coming home from the gym this morning because he was a) driving too fast and b) he didn't have his 4 wd vehicle in low. But I got to tell him what to do and he really listened, unlike this time and yes I was smug and believe I said "I told you not to drive fast down this driveway". I earned it - I grew up driving in the snow - he grew up in Florida.

This week's Ten on Tuesday is my Ten Favorite Articles of Clothing You Own. I hate to shop for clothes but - in no particular order:

1. My leather jacket - I do like this. It is big and roomy, a man's jacket & I heart it.

2. Jeans - I own one pair I really like and a couple of others I'll wear but don't love.

3. Sweat pants - have always loved them and have a nice collection from when I worked from home.

4. Sweat shirts - I like to buy them when we travel. When i was on the road for work in South Carolina I bought Hubby one from the University of South Carolina - their mascot is the Gamecock and the shirts has COCKS across the front. I loved it - he won't wear it.

5. A long sleeved Miami Dolphins t-shirt - a new fav I bought at Thanksgiving. I plan on wearing it this Sunday to Training Buddy's Super Bowl bash.

6. A teal & orange tie dye Dan Marino #13 t-shirt - it was Hubby's but I snagged it from him.

7. Hiking socks - heart the thick, wooly ones. I started knitting a pair about 5 years ago and have one almost done.

8. My Birks - shoes count for me because I love love love me the Birks.

9. A silk teal/blue jacket - it's pretty cool for work clothes but I don't wear it much because it's dry clean only & I hate taking clothes to the dry cleaner.

10. Flannel jammies - oh so comfy and warm - I have several pair.


Dolan said...

hey - where do you find the ten on tuesday? i love it and think it would be great conversation for me and my new roommate!!

Ann(ie) said...

flannel jammies just rule.