Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday...

Like that title hasn't been used before! The weekend here in New England was beautiful - but we had a little drama. All my favorite sports teams? Well they didn't do so well. Dice K pitched a great game on Friday, Josh didn't do so well Saturday but the rest of team didn't help him either. I was so dang tired from staying up and watching them lose Saturday nite/Sunday morning I slept until noon on Sunday. And the 'Fins barely lost (no victory song this week) and Tony finished 11th so is 7th in the Points standings.

I was trying to sew a quilt top after a couple of martinis and got a really bad thread lock ( very bad - your machine freezes up ) and had to take it to a repair shop. There is danger in quilting when drunk!

The bees were looking for food and found all the old hives we have in the garage so when the door was open, in they came. We probably had a couple thousand bees spend the night in our garage last night so I couldn't get to the laundry room to do laundry (yea!)

But we did go to Gouveia Vineyards and enjoyed a nice bottle of rose and a beautiful view of fall. And really - if those are the only problems I have - I'm pretty damn lucky...

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