Monday, October 6, 2008

Why can't they win so I can get some sleep?

Man ......I'm tired. Those dang Red Sox started late & played late last night and then they went and lost- but don't tell my hubby they lost. We TiVo'd the game and stopped watching at 11:00, the score was still tied and it was the 8th inning. Because I couldn't handle the not knowing - I already checked on line and found out what happened. (My boy, Tony Stewart won at Talladega too - don't tell him we haven't watched the race yet!) But the 'Fins won! Every time they win I'm going to link 'Fins to the Dolphins fight song so you can all enjoy it - YEA!
Otherwise things are clicking along, we might get out first frost tonight, so the plants need to come in & we need to start dragging wood in for the fire. Mondays are when I go to see how much weight I lost over the last week - I'm not too optimistic tonight as we enjoyed some good food & wine this weekend. Oh well - I'm sure a scotch egg isn't over 2-3 points - what's that my food calculator? - it's 8 points - oh shit...Tonight will most likely not be good. Maybe if I run the 20 miles to get there it might be better - ya, right.
Sox play tonight at 8 - Jon Lester is pitching - go SOX!!


Jared said...

Agreed that it is way to hard to stay up for those games. I don't know what the networks are thinking. I'm a sox fan living in the heart of the enemy in NYC. Hopefully Lester will close it down tonight.

HB said...

But they won last night & it was worth stayinmg up until after midnight! Lester was awesome - it's a shame he couldn't get the win. Let's hope the bull pen takes advantage of the rest time & sharpens up for the series with Tampa. NYC must be real fun - Tampa & the Red Sox in the AL championship!! Wear your Red Sox gear with pride, my friend!