Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ten Favorite Horror Movies

Have I told you how much I hate commercials for horror movies? Well you gotta know I hate the dang movies too. So ... I will try my hand at 10 I can even think of, because really? I'd rather not think about them at all. In no particular order as I doubt I'd watch any of these again (unless so noted)

1. The Shining - I might watch it again. I did go to the hotel in Estes Park, Colorado where it was filmed. I really wanted to see a ghost but didn't. Good martinis, tho!

2. The Stand - Loved the book - I've read it at least 3 times. The TV movie was pretty good.

3. The Omen - read the book, the movie, hell the movie poster still freaks me out!

4. Halloween - the first one. I watched it in high school English class - the teacher would probably get fired for that today. At one point - I screamed so loud the principle's office called up to the classroom to make sure we were OK.

5. The Amityville Horror - when we were looking for house to buy in CT I wouldn't even go in and look at a gambro construction style house.

6. Carrie - good flick, I'd watch it again but sure as hell don't want to be 16 again.

7. Jaws - who didn't jump a mile when the head rolled out of that hole in the boat?

8. Blair Witch Project - this still freaks me out & I won't even go find a link out there on the Internet - I live in the woods for Dog's sake!

9. The Exorcist - I still switch the radio station if Tubular Bells comes on. And it just scared the crap out of me to even listen to that link - so I hope you fine readers appreciate it! : - )

10. Rosemary's Baby - I am too freaked to watch all of it - even it's abridged as hell version on TV.

On to a happier subject - did any of you catch that fabulous 'Fins game on Sunday? I love it when they beat Buffalo! Happy spooky day - tell me what your fav scary movies are!


Shana said...

Scariest movie ever: don't know the name of it, but the guy called up and said "Have you checked the children," and when they traced the call he was, OMG, in the house with the babysitter?

First horror movie I think I ever saw, and on the big screen to boot, when I was about 11 or 12. Thanks, Mom! Way to parent! I was freaking traumatized for years.

HB said...

Yep - I saw it in someone else's comments - When A Stranger Calls. I agree - that was so freaky & since it was before caller ID - I often didn't answer the phone when babysitting. Which I'm sure gave the parents of the kids I was watching a lot of comfort!