Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten Artists/Groups that Remind Me of High School....

Yikes - like I didn't feel old enough as it is! But this was kind of fun. I must admit for someone who has grown up to be what I like to consider a sophisticated (and somewhat snobby) lover of good music; folk, Indie, classical, blues, world music. My list is pretty narrow, mid-Western typical early 80's stuff. And yes - I believe I had at least one 8 track tape of every band listed below. Which is why I remember them - listening to a tape while we cruised the drag in good ol' Dillon.
Hell - I don't even listen to 80's music now! Ok - I do have one CD from a band in this group - why don't you try to guess which one?

1. Foreigner

2. AC/DC ( old stuff with Bon Scott)

3. Molly Hatchett

4. Journey

5. Kansas

6. Cheap Trick

7. The Cars

8. Van Halen

9. Asia

10. Divo


Max said...

Well of the list of 10 I had 7 but I can hold my head up and say they were all LP's not 8 tracks :-)

HB said...

Oh I have 2 Peaches crates of LP's and about 200 45's..... sigh.. I don't know what I did with the 8 tracks.