Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ten great/awful things about TV today

1. NESN - Love it! The best sports network - period. Although I'm not a Patriots fan, I love their baseball coverage. Jerry Remy & Don Orsillo are smart announcers & seem to have a great time calling the game.

2. TiVo - I could never watch all the sports I do without it. Love it!

3. News - hate it! I try not to start my day watching TV - it is so negative and when I only have 45 minutes in the morning to listen to something, I prefer that it not be negative stories.

4. NASCAR coverage - all the networks. The coverage is getting awful - each network picks their favorite drivers and to hell with the rest of the field. Don't they realize that is a good way to lose car sponsors? Really - they should consult me on these things.

5. Reality TV - getting bored with it although I have never been a big fan. I do watch Extreme Makeover although it does seem to exploit the folks who eventually get the house...

6. Direct TV - love it! The NFL package, XM satellite radio channels, what's not to love?

7. Series going out on DVD's - great idea! I would probably have never got hooked on Arrested Development otherwise. Great show!

8. Food Channel - used to like it but now, not so much. Where are the chefs - not just people who cook?

9. Network TV - don't watch it.

10. The Daily Show & The Colbert Report - best 2 shows on TV without a doubt.

Whew - that was hard. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Becca said...

I agree with two things. I have DVR and love it..I don't even know when my shows are on LOL. I also love tv shows on DVD because it allows me to catch up.